Travel Photography

Wherever I travel to, one of my cameras is by my side.
There is nothing better than capturing our colorful planet, it's multifaceted cultures and unique places. 

Best of

A collection of my favourite Photos
I captured during my travels.


Tourist paths or countryside? 
I visited both and captured my favourite places for you.


Follow me on my trip to one of my favourite countries. I want to show you why this country is totally worth a visit. 


You ever wanted to see the magical island Bali? Let me show you how I explored it with my camera.


Blue water, white sand and colorful sunsets, these are the Philippines.
Come with me to places you've never seen before.


It is easy to take beautiful photos in a multifaceted country like Austria. I want to show you my native country. 


It's one of my favourite cities in Europe.
Barcelona is so colorful and cheerful that you never want to leave.

Designer. Photographer. Traveler.

Thinking like a designer.
Seeing through the eyes of a photographer. 
As curious as a traveler.

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just send me an Email.

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